Deep Clean

Keeping on top of all the jobs in your home can sometimes seem impossible. Life is busy, time is short and cleaning is hard work. 

Our Deep Clean service will get on top of all of the jobs that you can never manage to get around to. Each Deep Clean will be tailored to suit your individual needs and will focus on the areas of cleaning that are important to you.


Typically this service would include all or some of the following.


Fridge cleaned inside and out

Windows cleaned inside and outside downstairs where possible.

Microwave cleaned inside

Doors and paintwork cleaned

Kitchen cupboards cleaned inside and out

Light fittings cleaned

Oven cleaned inside and out

Move heavy furniture where possible and vaccum, wash underneath.

Wash all radiators and dust behind them where possible.

This service is totally unique to you and your home.

Prices for this service can be decided on a short, informal visit to your home. We can discuss your requirements and tailor a cleaning plan that suits you.

Please note that the minimum time allocated for a deep clean is 4 hours.

Contact me on 07793 382 294 or [email protected] to make an appointment.